Lightmeter Mark 4.0

The invention of electric light made people less dependent on the night. But since then it has been getting brighter and brighter, so that in many places the starry sky is no longer visible in all its glory. The stars are disappearing.
The increasing outdoor lighting on streets, buildings, neon signs and illuminated signs does not only have advantages. Too much light in the wrong place at the wrong time not only changes people's day-night rhythm, but also affects the living conditions of many animal and plant species. Changing lighting conditions in the twilight and night hours have negative effects on people and the environment. We're talking about light pollution.
The Mark 4.0 light meter was developed to document this influence and change.
The Sensor Mark 4.0 is available in two different versions.
Mark 4.0 Urban is equipped with a serial interface to connect it directly to weather stations or corresponding data loggers. An RS232 or RS485 standard interface with a Modbus RTU or with the Bayern-Hessen protocol is available.
The Mark 4.0 Alpin is a standalone version that does not require a power supply. In this case, the data is written to an SD card over months or even years (depending on the settings). A function check and all necessary settings are possible via Bluetooth and an app.